National Route Graduates - a guide to registering with the PSI

Creating your account and profile

You, the applicant, must create an account and a profile on the PSI online registration portal that is in line with our requirements. You will not be able to proceed with your registration application until the information listed below is filled out correctly.

  1. Please ensure you choose the ‘Pharmacist’ option when you first set up your account. If you choose ‘Other’ or another option, you will not have the correct access to create an application.
  2. You must upload a photograph to your profile that is compliant with our photo guidelines (this photo will be on your registration certificate).
  3. Relevant information that must be uploaded to your profile includes:
  • Full name
  • Correct date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Current home address
  • Place of birth

If all the above information is not provided it may delay your application process.

Creating your application

Please ensure that the information required for your application is correct:

  1. Degree programme start date – The date that you commenced your studies in pharmacy.
  2. Degree programme completion date – The date on which you completed your pharmacy studies, as reflected on your MPharm certificate.
  3. If you hold a Master of Pharmacy, you must select the “MPharm” option.
  4. Please read all the declarations carefully. If you need to select ‘No’ to any of the declarations, you must contact us and provide further information.

Please ensure you review these details before you submit your application. Once an application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it. If we have to contact you to confirm or correct any information it may delay the application process for you.

Uploading your documents to your application

When completing your application for registration you will be required to upload the following documents: 

1. Birth Certificate

  • If your original birth certificate is not in the English or Irish language, you must provide both the original and a certified English translation.

2. Health Status Declaration

  • This document is valid for three months only. If it expires before your application is approved, you will be asked to provide an up-to-date copy. This document can be signed and stamped by any registered medical practitioner; it does not have to be completed in Ireland.

3. Passport/ID card

  • A legible, clear scan of this is required.
  • The document must be in date.

4. Photograph

  • This must be a passport standard photograph that is compliant with our photo guidelines.
  • This photograph must also be your account profile photograph.

5. Qualification Appropriate for Practice

  • This is your official MPharm parchment awarded to you by your university upon graduation. The PSI cannot accept your results as a substitute.

In addition, the following items must be sent to us by email and by post.

Photograph and Statutory Declaration Form

  • The photograph form must be witnessed by a registered legal or healthcare practitioner. This can include a medical practitioner, a nurse, a pharmacist etc. They must also sign and date both of your passport photographs.
  • The statutory declaration can only be completed in the Republic of Ireland. It should be completed in the presence of a Peace Commissioner, Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths. This witness must provide a company stamp or registration number on the form.
  • The Statutory Declaration and Photo Form must be sent as a clear, legible, single document scan by email to The original must be sent by post and addressed to Statutory Declarations, National Route Registrations, PSI House, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 TD72.

The progression of an application is based on how efficiently an applicant uploads their relevant documentation. If any documents are illegible, incorrect, incomplete, uploaded incorrectly, etc. we will contact you to inform you. Mistakes will delay the application process, so we recommend reviewing our document requirements and your own documentation before you make your application. If you notice any mistakes after submission, please contact us at and we can rectify them.

Important Information

Timeline queries cannot be responded to but once we have the required documentation your application will be processed without delay. If there are any issues with your application our team will contact you directly.

Please note that you are not eligible for registration until you have graduated and are in receipt of your parchment. The PSI can only discuss applications with the applicant themselves due to data protection legislation. We do not engage with queries from family members, future employers, recruiters, etc.

The Statutory Declaration and signed photographs must be scanned before they are sent by post. Applicants should send the scanned copy to us by email to This is not a substitute for post, you must also provide a hard copy of this document to us by post.

Application approval is a three step process. Applicants will receive an email notifying them of each stage of approval. Applicants receive their registration number by email once they are notified that their application has been ‘Approved by the Registrar’.

We endeavour to process correctly completed applications as quickly as possible, but by way of a guideline an applicant that has submitted a complete and correct application should expect to receive their registration number within 5-10 working days from when it is initially received and approved by a member of our team.